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Saint Michael Systems

Web Infrastructure – Physical & Logical Security – Data Backup

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What We Do

We stage your servers, email, manage DNS and build a platform for you to deploy your website.  Our solutions are stable, secure, and have features you can manage or easily integrate with a web design team.  We handle backups and infrastructure mangagement so you dont’ have to. 


Our Approach

Depoy stable, fast, resilient and secure platforms for our clients.  We use state of the art infrastructure around the globe and ensure security isn’t an afterthought.  Your data will be backed up and your site defended against botnets from day 1. 


Our Mission

Bring technologically robust web services to our clients on platforms that do not violate Catholic morals, to the best of our ability. 

Worry Free Experience

Support 24/7/365
Fully Managed Security
Automated Backups
24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Fast Resilient Secure Stable Protected Solutions

Fully Scaleable

Optimized Hardware
Built-in CDN
Auto-Healing Servers
State of Art Technology

Located in:

White Post, Virginia

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Phone: 540.660.2511